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No one believes in Aquarius like Aquarius does — admirable at times, yes — which means that no one is going to get through to Aquarius except herself.

Aquarius will rebel against what everyone is taught to believe because her need for freedom includes having the freedom to think, too. Her ability to stay detached in almost every situation, including ones with people she considers friends, can alienate her.

Aquarius | Ruling Planets

This can obviously backfire on her and make her even more detached than before. But even though preferring to be alone is not always the healthiest choice, Aquarius would rather alienate people than let them in.

Aquarius: Glyph

Intimacy and closeness scare her, but it can be more than that, too. Being a paradox might be more interesting than anything else, but when it comes to Aquarius, being a paradox can turn into being a hypocrite VERY fast. She can also be the kind of person who wants to be in an exclusive relationship with someone but often chooses to keep things casual just so that she can maintain her need for total independence.

Dealing with an Aquarius can make your head spin, but she somehow has all of these paradoxes on lock and even knows how to make her complex personality look effortless.

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Emily Ratay is a full-time writer living in Pittsburgh. She's passionate about the environment and feminism, and knows that anything is possible in the right pair of shoes.

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She plans on writing a non-fiction book in the future. Follow Us. Under the influence of an Aquarius planetary cycle, we might find ourselves joining a new social group, getting involved in social justice or using science and technology to better advance humankind. Uranus is the planet that rules emotional detachment, unpredictable energy and rebellion.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

He hated their children and imprisoned the youngest ones in the earth where they tormented Gaia. She made a sickle and asked her children to castrate Uranus. The youngest, Cronus Saturn did it. After that, the Sky and Earth became separate. Interestingly, Saturn was considered the ruling planet of Aquarius until Uranus was discovered and named.

These signs fall in the middle of every season. Fixed signs can take the enthusiastic ideas that cardinal signs spark, and craft them into something real.

Aquarius Nature

Traditional ruler, Saturn endows structure and ambition and conservative values while your modern ruler, Uranus endows intuition and inventive, restless spurts of energy. As an Air sign you manifest these different sides of yourself in the way you think and communicate and in some of the quirky choices you make. It is often your job to keep people guessing! The aspects of the body ruled by Aquarius are the ankles, calves, tibia, fibula, shin bone and the breath.

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  7. Aquarius Nature - Aquarius Ruling Planet!

It stills the restless mind. One of his sons was Saturn but he locked all of his children away in Tartaros, unwilling to pass on power to them.

Aquarius Personal Star Sign Aquarian Astrology Planet Uranus

Gaea encouraged Saturn to overthrow Ouranos and free his siblings. Saturn became king of the gods, only to fall into the same trap.

Susan Miller’s astrological predictions for a new century.

He swallowed each of his children, afraid of their displacing them. Again the Earth Mother — this time Rhea, conspired to free her children and help Jupiter to become the eventual ruler of Olympus.

Jupiter knew how to share power and gave each of his siblings their own domains. Saturn remained a powerful figure in exile — Father Time.