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This can also give the native an aura of sexual magnetism and a heroic and stand-out presence. Mercury square Neptune: This native may have difficulty in differentiating facts from reality. There may be a lot of mental confusion with this aspect and a tendency to get lost in conversation, being spoken to and to transverse into a world of daydreaming and fantasy. Their concentration may be short, and may also be delusional in their thought.

More to gain if taken, and if ignored or declined, nothing is lost. You are more likely to notice and work on these talents. Mars sextile Pluto: This aspect would give the native formidable ability to incorporate raw plutonic power into their will power and drive. This can give great ability to put a lot off personal power into tasks and to achieve goals. This natives drive would be persistent and they would possess tremendous durability. This native may posses great physical power and have a large sex drive, not to mention quite sexually skilled and magnetic.

Two planets that have no compatibility by sign or modality, yet are forced to interact with each other. This person may also try to be patriarchal and directing in a situation that really requires gentle affection and care.

The Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I'm happy to help! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. It is also the reason for poor health and is considered the most important aspect in medical astrology. Opposition : Symbol looks like a set of dumbbells—two circles at either end joined by a black, horizontal line in between them. This is when two planets are degrees from one another.

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They are said to be in opposition to one another. This is considered a hard aspect that causes friction. Oppositions usually give one plenty of opportunities—whether you take them or not is up to you.

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On a less positive expression, it can mean a tug-of-war between you and the planets involved and confrontation is the order of the day. Oppositions will teach you about how to balance the energies of these two planets—and integrate them.

The Misunderstood Inconjunct

Tales from Echo Canyon. Here are the major aspects utilized in astrology: Conjunction : Symbol is a circle with a single line sticking out the right side of the circle. Example: Sun 5 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus 10 degrees Virgo. This is a conjunction between Sun and Venus. They are 5 degrees apart from one another. They can be up to 10 degrees apart and still be influencing one another.

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Example: Moon 29 degrees Aries conjunct Mars 9 degrees Pisces. This is a conjunction between Moon and Mars. They are 10 degrees apart from one another. The person who owns this configuration in their chart will have to learn how to integrate them over time—and they can do it.

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The experience of feeling a growing progression of fear or anger is like the meaning of the semi-square; while the emotion is still intensifying it can be dealt with and controlled or transmuted, but after it reaches a certain degree of intensity, the astral potency overwhelms your mental-directive power and you plunge into an experience characterized by considerable pain and suffering. If you have occasion to deal with a chart containing several semi-squares keep the thought of past experimentation through ignorance in mind as an interpretive key; such a registration indicates that this present life will contain, for the person, many opportunities to learn from the evidence of instinctual negative tendencies but which must be dealt with regeneratively now or suffer grave consequences in future.

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Of course the two planets of any semi-square aspect may be regeneratively aspected in many ways by other points in the chart, but the semi-square registers a negative tendency. Understanding of it is necessary so that the person may--in this present life--know what he is dealing with inside of himself, rather than continuing on the path of ignorance and un-awareness that may have characterized his experience in the past in certain ways. Since you, as the astrological reader, stand as a personalized symbol to the person of awareness and knowledge, study the semi- squares by a careful correlation with all regenerative indication in the chart--from semi-sextile to trine--that are involved with the semi-square planets.

Look, with the eyes of your Spirit, at that semi-square as though you were a dentist studying a small cavity as pictured in an X-ray--your job as a reader is to understand that warning as completely as possible.

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The quincunx exact, degrees, five signs; by orb, to degrees is a fascinating astrological factor; it is like a "coat of many colors," a kaleidoscope and a chameleon all in one. Several pictorial symbols have been devised for it; the author suggests the following: the composite of the symbol for the semi-sextile aspect with a down-ward vertical from the center.

These lines would correspond to the cusps of Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra and Cancer of the Great Mandala and the picture it presents suggests an unfolded flower on a vertical stem. The quincunx is the only aspect that pictures alchemy within itself because the degrees of its exact scope are primarily focalized by the ninety degrees of the square and the sixty degrees of the sextiles.

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It also implies the possibilities of the following aspect sequences: five semi-sextiles, semi-sextile and trine, trine and semi-sextile, sextile and square, square and sextile. Aries semi-sextile Taurus, Taurus trine Virgo. Aries trine Leo, Leo semi-sextile Virgo. Aries sextile Gemini, Gemini square Virgo.

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Aries square Cancer, Cancer sextile Virgo. Another formula, picturing the quincunx within the Great Mandala is this: Aries quincunx Virgo. Scorpio quincunx Aries. Virgo sextile Scorpio. Two quincunx aspects which both include one particular zodiacal sign total the entire zodiac when the sixty degrees of the sextile are added to them. All the "variation" of alchemy which is depicted by the contents of each degree aspect is thus shown to have self-directed regeneration as the key-note.

In other words the degree of realization of completeness implied as potential by the quincunx is made possible only through self-regeneration. It is suggested particularly to those students who as yet have not "done very much" with the quincunx aspect, that a complete tabulation of the above-mentioned zodiacal formulas be prepared for memorization and use in chart-analysis.

follow site Considerable mental fluency is promised thereby! An incisive, fluent mental grasp of zodiacal factors is required for the study and interpretation of the quincunx aspect because of the great variation implied by it. To concentrate one's knowledge and perception of the quincunx is to expand automatically one's fluency with all other aspect-patterns. For practical astrological use, the quincunx is most important in the study of timings. As a natal aspect it pictures a potential of alchemical variation; when studied in terms of activations it reveals a continual periodic emphasis which alternates the yet-to-be- regenerated factors and the relatively regenerated factors.