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Daily Horoscope: April 4th to April 6th. As Jupiter dances into your sign for a year long stay, you may find it encourages you to aim higher and that its influence enhances self-belief.

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Moreover, you may develop a more confident approach to getting things done and feel good about partnering with others and working as a team. You may currently feel more independent than ever, and keen to find out what you can accomplish alone. Yet you could also need someone's help over coming days, and even though this might seem a backward step, it can make life easier if you allow them to assist just for now Taurus.

The stellar map twinkles with promise and seems to hold many secrets, some of which could become clearer as sultry Venus your ruler, glides into Scorpio and your relationship zone. A love bond can deepen over coming weeks and you might find you are almost inseparable.

TAURUS Horoscope September 2019 - A sparkling month!

Your sector of relating has additional sparkle over coming weeks, which can be quite exhilarating. Others seem only too happy to be in your company or to assist you with arranging events or contributing to various projects.

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Don't worry too much if someone seems unwilling, and above all, don't take it personally, as they may just need time to themselves for a while. Resolving any scheduling issues can be key to enjoying a more fluid lifestyle, and making the most of your days. And yet you could feel challenged on this score as the Sun and the weekend Full Moon make edgy angles. Trying to push yourself beyond what you can reasonably manage?

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