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It's this combination of inspiration and transformation that makes you so revolutionary! You are blessed with both the empathy of a Water sign Scorpio and the excitement of a Fire sign Sagittarius , giving you a wide spectrum of abilities. There's a combination of compassion and friendliness in you that makes you incredibly generous -- just be wary of those looking to take advantage of your giving nature.

Born on the Cusp of Revolution, you're action-oriented and strong, ready to lead and inspire!

The Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

Your ability to stick to your guns alongside your outgoing, charismatic attitude will have you turning heads, making moves, and doing important things in this lifetime. One thing that's sure to hold you back, however, is a lack of freedom. The more tied down you are the more stuck and frustrated you'll feel. Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence!

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People born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp are especially proactive and tend to be a bit wild or rebellious. You like to shake things up! However, this energy can be too much for some, and could make you seem intimidating or unapproachable. In fact, you may often be misunderstood by others, because they never know which version of you they'll see: the fun, flexible, life of the party, or the fierce, complex creature with the sharp stinger. Born on the Cusp of Revolution, you have strong values and beliefs and you aren't afraid to speak your mind.

You thrive around others who share your strength and vitality, and who don't get rubbed the wrong way too easily -- you've been known to ruffle a few feathers in your day! Your independence and intensity can lead you to do great things, but they can also cause power struggles in relationships and conflict with authority figures. Channel your ferocity into ambition instead of aggression, and there will be no stopping you. Your combination of vision and determination gives you a competitive edge that will carry you far in life.

The ability to think deeply as well as philosophically gives you a great understanding of who you are and where you fit into the world. The energy and intensity you feel fuels your desire to make positive changes for yourself and those around you. Your bright sense of humor, optimistic outlook, and willingness to interact genuinely with others will gain you fast, loyal friends.

I am not an extrovert more introverted and a loner at time. AJ - Apr PM. Well I'm a sagittarius so on the scorpio sagittarius cusp so I'm mainly Sagittarius but have Scorpio influences so yes I'm talkive and social but sometimes can be also quiet and reversed and yes independent free spirited is correct and dam do I love adventure never met another Sagittarius they doesn't like adventure lol we are born to explore travel and live life to the fullest my brother two cousins and nephew are also sagittarius my baby nephew is like a wiggle worm he does not stay still or like to be in his car seat for long he also does funny stuff when hes mums gone makes funny sounds and fake coughs so we look at him lol he is the cutest tho so love him!

Well, I think loads of these traits suit me down to the ground.


Kaylz - Apr AM. Some of it ain't true. I'm not a talkative guy, actually I'm the quiet, shy type. I'm also not impatient and frank. I do love the outdoors though. Drew - 5-Jan PM. That's true, I never like to stay in one place, I constantly wanna get out of the house. Gerb - Dec PM. Also to added to your list of musicians that is Sagittarius, Jay-Z December 4th. I agree with the description. I feel that one can rise up from the hard times and become a better person. Always try to improve yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually so that you can live your life to the full :- Angie - 3-Oct PM.

The only thing I'm not is talkative. Actually the exact opposite. At the same time I'm not shy though. I wonder why that is. Deme - Jul AM.

Venus enters Scorpio

I share many of these traits and I like to think that i do my best with them. I hope that they're as universal as I'd like them to be. Popeye - Jul PM. Sorry to say..

The whole family members are getting sick of it which includes me Ananya - 4-Jul PM. I really felt happy reading about my zodiac sign. And that's really me! Each and every word about this article is just about me!

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About Sagittarius the Archer: Astrology/Zodiac

Rooina Ronson - Jun AM. Just curious as to which how accurate our horoscopes actually are As opposed to the affects of placebo and involuntary emulation after exposure to pre conceived ideology or traits of said specific zodiac Theo - 4-May PM. As much as iI hate to admit it this imformarion is right on pount.

I started out justl ike a sag from what I hear as a baby got a little shy as a teen until I had a few drinks. But by the time I hit college up until now people already no. Lon - Apr AM. I am a sag! I am exactly like that! I swear to God this could not be more Relatable! I have been misunderstood to be blunt and too honest But it's just me being Don't EVER tell a sag how to live their life Or to chill.

We sags know how to hurt you. And trust me When we do. It's gonna hurt c: Happy - Feb PM.

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Im a sagittarius and im quite disappointed this sign says nothing about being a leader cause i actually like to lead Sammy96 - Feb PM. At the heart of this constellation is a supermassive black hole that tears apart and absorbs anything that ventures too close. Could be relevant. Just Sayin' - Nov PM. Im not much of the outdoors guy but, most of these traits are true. NASA has just altered the dates. First time they've been altered in yrs or so.

I am no longer a miserable Capricorn but a fun loving Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius Man

Bring it on. Having said that I guess the stars are applicable to your actual date of birth so in reality I'm still a fekin Capricorn :- Ray - Sep PM. I am a Sag and I was blamed for speaking harshly. But after few months those who blamed came back to me and said, "Oh. I should have listened to you". Sag's are instinct based creatures.


Sometimes our instinct can tell even the future. Many called me asarrogant and yet they just could not digest the fact that I love animals very much and I am a vegan. And one more fact about Sag, Sags can be easily fooled and a Sag person can forgive and forget anything but If you betray A Traitor a Sag, You can never ever gain Sag's trust again. Sag's are usually very good to other people but if they are in a bad mood, please run away, Because we Sags know exactly how to hurt you.

Ok Just What I needed to See!!! Now I see why I end up with conversations with total strangers,any age, All Genders. I have always love my neighbor as I also love myself. My Character proved it.

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