Sun and venus conjunction in horoscope

At this point in its cycle, Venus is invisible and cannot be glimpsed at dawn or dusk, as it is in transition between its phases of glowing bright in the morning and evening sky. In mythological terms, the current phase of Venus is like the descent of Inanna into the underworld to be stripped of her worldly possessions and to experience a metamorphosis of understanding.


Venus is inviting us to turn away from external expectations into our inner depths, allowing the inner guidance we receive to source change in the way we relate with others and express our desires. When Venus conjoins the sun, it experiences a rebirth, since its solar union seeds the light it will shine in its forthcoming cycle. Because Venus is in between the orbit of the earth with the sun, it experiences two different types of conjunctions with the sun during its overall cycle.

The inferior conjunction of Venus occurs when it is retrograde, as it is as close to the earth as it gets during its orbit. In contrast, the conjunction of Venus with the sun we will experience on August 14 is called the superior conjunction , as it occurs with Venus moving direct on the other side of the sun from the earth in orbit.

As a result, in its current phase, Venus is as far away from the Earth as it gets within its cycle, symbolically relating to an increased capacity we will have to let go of old personal fixations.


The union of Venus with the sun in Leo is the most solar Venus imaginable, as the radiant Leo sun will set the heart of Venus ablaze. Like a summer bonfire, we may release old relational patterns we wish to let go of into the fire stoked by the union of Venus with the sun. What happened when Sun and Venus come together? It conjunction also depend on the degree and house also. If it is in loose degree Sun illuminate all the qualities of Venus.

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It makes person good diplomat, attractive, charming, well dressed, these people are very much relationship oriented. They want attention from the people, these people give too much attention to their looks, they want to look beautiful and want appreciation from others.

Generally these people peace loving, harmonious and balanced, they are aware of power of attraction and have ability to attract people and quite famous in society. In another word their soul revolves around Venus stuff.

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But if Venus come too close the Sun then these people have different lesson in life. As Sun is purifier of the soul, the native suffer from all the Venus stuff. These people suffer in relationship and love, they themselves, and bit selfish in attitude. Venus is the planet of mutual respect, here Venus get combust the native did not give respect and love, and the person can be lazy, non-understanding.

The 7th House - Conjunction of Sun and other Planets in the House of Marriage

Due to these effects the native did not get love and mutual respect in relationship and it suffer in relationship. As the Venus is wife for women these men get women who is very egoistic and attention seeking and controlling in relationship. The woman would want everything to be equal in partnership. Since Sun is both planet of creativity they have good sense to create good art.

They can be interested in modeling, acting, fashion designing and in beauty products.

Two Planet Conjunction

They can be actor, artist, and theater performer. Since son also represent government authoritative figure in government.

Sun Venus Conjunction. MS Astrology - Learn Astrology Series. -

They can be good politicians. Relationship with father is quite loving and pleasurable. Depending on the sign they give different result: Venus and Sun in Aries: Sun is exalted here, father will be fortunate and have good relationship. Have too lot of passion and high sex drive. Can be aggressive and harsh with in love.

Venus and Sun in Taurus: The person is sensual, have beautiful eyes. The native may gain through spouse and can be wealthy. Venus and Sun in Gemini: these people are good diplomat and have ability to make good friends, can excel in fields such as writing, editing, printing and communicating. Venus with Sun in Cancer: these people like to respond to others with sweetness and kindness.

Bit of inclined towards living at home.

Union of two planets in Vedic Astrology

Venus and Sun in Leo: these people famous, independent and lead a charmed life. They are very independent in creativity. Not like controlled at all by anyone. Venus and Sun in Virgo: these people intelligent.