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Your need for mental stimulation and variety in your professional life might cause you to have two or more different careers at times, simultaneously.

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There is a possibility of fame through writing. You require a lot of activity in your career, or might get bored. Here are free tips on how to select an Astrologer. Highly Analytical and Critical, you would even measure up this article before admitting that it represents your personality to some extent. First House Virgo gives you a refined and quiet personality, far away from show off. You pay attention to details and sometimes may not be able to see the big picture.

Systematic in approach, you know what you are doing and have clear detailed plan for the same.

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You get nervous easily and are of critical nature because you seek perfection, which some people may take as nagging. You think a lot before getting into romance and do not rush into it.

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Not much interested in creative hobbies, you still prefer reading and writing. You should avoid speculation and gambling at any cost. You will be quite strict towards your children, but teach them a lot about life. You prefer working even during free time and find it difficult to have fun. Individuals with Ninth House in Taurus, love to travel to the exotic places. They have traditional and even orthodox view point towards religion, spirituality and have set beliefs. A bit narrow minded and stubborn, they find it hard to embrace change. Sagittarius as Fourth House makes you strongly attached and responsible towards your family.

You like to have strong control on household and family affairs. For you family comes first and you try to maintain strong ties. You will be fortunate in terms of family, family background and heritage. You wish for a large home and an open family environment, with freedom to everyone. As you grow, you attain new heights in terms of material, spiritual and intellectual pursuits.

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With Aries as Eighth House, you have the spirit to fight for your needs and ensure your own security especially in financial matters. You might face troubles regarding joint financial assets and investment. You have aggressive and active approach towards these.

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You believe that you know the best way to handle these and try to handle them your way which might create if in partnership, marriage and also in inheritance. You trey to rush process of change but need to understand that it takes time. Having Leo as Twelfth House instills in you, love for humanity. You do social and charity work in your own way without showing off. But this is the nub, they do have to be very self-aware. Like Persephone, innocence does them no favours at all. These folk feel very protective of their partners are regard them as something very precious.

Alost of the obsession can be projected onto the partner as if they are the neurotic stalker. The sacred prostitute and the virgin priestess are both archetypes of Virgo decan 2. If these folk get very disillusioned and wounded by life they may become reclusive. They simply cannot take any more pain from their fellow human beings. Those in Virgo decan 2 who have been sexually abused will either become extremely promiscuous or totally celibate.

They can, of course, become abusers themselves though Virgo decan 2 more likely to self-harm than anything else, and this can be through addictions. Those that do become bullies or abusers will be the very last person you would suspect. They are often in service occupations like emergency personnel or police. They are also very good teachers. They may be a bit high strung at times. They are precise and careful, and dislike anything that is crude or coarse in nature.

Virgo Rising may like to collect things like recipes or other practical items. They may be prone to allergies or respiratory problems, and problems like anxiety may impact their life. Virgo Rising likes to keep busy. They get irritable and nervous if they don't have anything to do. They like to have projects in the works every waking moment and appear dressed well at all times. Return from Virgo Rising back to Rising Signs. Astrology Signs - Home.

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